Xcira’s premier auto auction management product, Fastlane, is an industry-best native application for large scale auto auctions. The auction industry faces an ever-growing volume of complex data that needs to be transformed into an environment both auction staff and vehicle dealers feel confident in using. By partnering with Crafted, Xcira is changing the way large scale auctions scale their operations with a multi-tenant cloud-based solution.


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Organizing Complex Data

Large automotive auctions have to accommodate the organization, presentation, and sale of thousands of vehicles a day. Complicating matters, the vehicles up for auction are often separated by auction house, and data is often siloed in local servers. Xcira wisely identified the need to move from single-use servers to a cloud product with the ability to share data across all auction houses. This insight led to the development of Fastlane.


Start from the Beginning

Fastlane started as a simple desktop application. But Xcira quickly realized that most users accessed the app from during inspections on the auction lot, and partnered Crafted to build a native application that provided a better experience for these mobile users.

Utilizing an agile development methodology and leveraging its UI/UX expertise, Crafted built a React Native application bringing the ground-breaking innovation of the Fastlane app to all devices.



Intuitive Experience

To ensure that the native application reflected the needs of users, Crafted used product research, user journey mapping, and user persona research. This research-heavy strategy helped the native app capture all of Fastlane’s functionality, as well as promoting an intuitive user experience and saving development time.

Strategic Product Research

User Journey Mapping

User Persona Research



Small Details, Big Impact

User research led to the insight that most users use the Fastlane app while walking auction lots. During winter months this means that navigation needs to be intuitive and fast since users have to take their gloves off to use the app.

Crafted accommodated users by designing large, easily-digestible data cards and a simplified navigational system. These features were tested by actual users using interactive prototypes, and their feedback helped Crafted to optimize the Fastlane app.

Visual Design

Interactive Prototypes

Sketch App

Invision App


Development Expertise

Crafted created a single source of truth for Fastlane’s codebase by using React Native as the backbone of Fastlane, rather than developing separately on Android and iOS. This simplified approach streamlined the maintenance of Fastlane and gives Xcira the ability to easily push updates to the app.

Part of what makes Fastlane so innovative is its versatility. Much of that versatile functionality is relies on React Native, including a barcode scanner to locate vehicles and custom API integration with the Ricoh Theta (a popular 360-degree camera). Crafted is proud of its use of innovative technologies to fulfill our Xcira’s needs.

React Native

Native IOS and Android Modules

Styled Components


Redux Sagas

React Navigation

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The End Result

Crafted leveraged its UI/UX and development expertise to create an intuitive and powerful native app for Xcira. Fastlane users can now search and manage massive vehicle inventories, analyze complex data, and gain insight from user-friendly dashboards regardless of whether they whether they’re walking the auction lot or working at their desk.

We perform tons of user research and testing to create products that users will truly enjoy. Our UX methods can help your product or site get off to it’s best possible start.

Wrap Up

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