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Garden Table is a restaurant and juicery local to Indianapolis, Indiana. Garden Table is known for its use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and its simple, clean, and seasonally-inspired dishes. Crafted partnered with Garden Table to create a new website with an innovative and customized e-commerce experience that still reflects the restaurant’s brand and reputation.






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Refresh, Restructure

Garden Table had recently gone through a rebranding process and a growing reputation for cold-pressed juices presented the restaurant with new business opportunities.

But Garden Table’s existing website lacked the functionality needed to support its growing business, and the site no longer matched the restaurant’s new identity.


Straighten out the Navigation

Garden Table and Crafted discovered that customers would often call or email the restaurant with questions about how to use the website. Fielding those questions takes valuable time away from employees, and Garden Table wanted an experience that mirrored the carefully crafted experience restaurant-goers enjoy.

Inspired by that insight, Crafted designed the new Garden Table website to have simple and intuitive navigation, and to ensure that popular content, like locations and menus, is prominent and easy to find. Crafted also simplified the process for requesting event and catering services by building custom, on-branded forms that capture customer’s information. The result? Garden Table saw an immediate reduction in emails and calls about the website, and more importantly, the restaurant saw an increase in catering and event inquiries.

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Updated E-Commerce

Garden Table takes pride in their cold-pressed juices, and for good reason! Each juice recipe is all-natural – pressed from locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. It’s not surprising, then, that Garden Table’s juices are increasingly in-demand. To accommodate the popularity of Garden Table’s juices and juice cleanses, Crafted elegantly incorporated a custom e-commerce experience into the restaurant’s website. Visitors can order their favorite juices in various combinations while learning about the ingredients and the health benefits of Garden Table’s products. When ready to order, users breeze through the checkout process thanks to a streamlined integration of Stripe Checkout. The use of Stripe Checkout ensures quick service and cutting-edge data security for Garden Table and its many fans.

On the administration side of Garden Table’s new website, Crafted developed an order management solution by integrating Stripe Checkout for payments and Google Cloud Firestore for storing orders. This approach has given the leadership at Garden Table access to orders and financial reports without the need for expensive third-party SaaS products.



Stripe (Stripe Checkout)


Planning for the Future

Garden Table is poised for sustained growth, so it is pivotal that its website can scale. By partnering with Crafted, Garden Table now has the ability to easily add new locations, menus and products to its site as the company grows.

With future growth in mind, Crafted’s design team created a flexible content layout for Garden Table. The flexible content layout was comprised of specialized components created to accommodate any kind of content and making it easy to add, edit, or removed content from a page. Different components can be plugged into a page in any order, ensuring consistency, but allowing enough customization to display unique information.

The flexible content layout was created with the power of React, Next.js, and Wordpress. Through the Wordpress CMS, Garden Table can now add, edit, or remove content from the website without waiting on technical support or paying for development hours.



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The End Result

Crafted’s team is full of longtime fans of Garden Table (the Poke Bowl and Tropic Tonic juice changed our lives), and it was exciting to work with and support a local Indianapolis business.

By partnering with Crafted, Garden table got the website they deserve – a website that gives the restaurant full control of its content and the ability to scale its website with its business. Maybe it’s just the juice they’ve been ordering, but Garden table’s customers are happier than ever.

Our website now matches our brand not only in design and aesthetic, but our customers have a seamless experience from dining in our restaurants to ordering a juice cleanse online. Creating the perfect tie through from interacting with us in person to interacting with us online is not easy, but Crafted was able to achieve it.

Many times, a company’s first impression is their website or mobile app. Are you ready to rebrand and enhance your site? We’re here to help.

Wrap Up

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