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003: The Number One Mistake When Selling to Investors | Tony Petrucciani

Today’s episode is part one of a two-parter with Tony Petrucciani , managing partner of VisionTech Partners and VisionTech Angels. Tony is an active member and investor in the tech community in Indianapolis. He and Crafted Capital have partnered to help member-based organizations improve their engagement and communication with their members.

In this episode, Tony shares the most common mistakes startups make when selling to investors, as well as the short and long-term changes you’ll experience when you take on investors for your organization.

Hosts: Jessie Harden, Sean Hise, and Jacob Wise

002: Understanding the Data Science Fueling Sports Today

The Digital Craft this week sits down with Jeremy Hochstedler to discuss data science in Sports. As an entrepreneur and founder of founder Telemetry Sports, Jeremy is leading the charge for empowering sports organizations through digital products and data.

During the conversation, we get Jeremy’s take on explaining NFL Nexgen Stats and how it’s being used by teams for competitive advantage. His answer may surprise you. Jeremy also debunks some common misconceptions when it comes to AI and what product practitioners need to know.

Hosts: Jessie Harden, Sean Hise, and Jacob Wise

001: The Importance of Uniting Product Marketing and Product Management

On this first episode of The Digital Craft, hosts Jessie Harden, Sean Hise, and Jacob Wise are joined by Julie Brown, owner of 56th St Productions, to talk about the integration of product marketing and product management, and the importance of making sure the two are working hand-in-hand.

To better equip tech leaders, product professionals, and marketers, Julie and her team are hosting the second annual Project Product conference on March 10-11, 2020, to directly address how product marketing and management can better work together. Listen in to learn more.

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