Front-End Application Development

The Challenge

Private Acre came to Crafted looking for a front-end development partner to help build an MVP of their new business application - an Airbnb for private land that could be used for hunting, fishing, camping, private events, and more. With a tight timeline, we were tasked with collaborating with their startup team of UI/UX designers and backend developers to build a from-scratch MVP with custom features that could scale effortlessly.

Our Solution

Private Acre went from an early design phase to live launch in six months. Through our agile sprint cycles, a progressive web application was developed, handling everything from custom property line map drawing, to custom payment integration and single-sign-on. Crafted continues to be a development and consulting partner, helping the Private Acre team support their product and roll out new features.

We were able to release an MVP of our website that exceeds what most MVPs shoot for, as well as our own expectations.

Erik Johnson, President & Co-Founder



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