• Problem

    Nexsyis is the best in class software solution for collision and body shops, but needed to modernize their app, move to the cloud and go mobile all in one web based application.

  • Solution

    Crafted worked with Nexsyis to build an agile development process so that backend and frontend teams could work seamlessly together. Nexsyis decoupled their architecture - migrating legacy code to APIs and business logic into the cloud. Crafted designed and built a Progressive Web Application equipped with a brand new design system that enabled quick feature iteration, better UX, and major performance benefits.


  • Problem

    How do you take an idea that started with a spreadsheet, and turn it into a fully featured SaaS platform?

  • Solution

    Crafted partnered with LensQuote to bring their revenue driving idea to life by designing and building an in-office tablet based solution for optometry offices. This product has helped hundreds of offices increase in house sales of contact lenses by providing customer friendly quick quoting techniques integrated with manufacturer and distributor data that provide the best prices for customers in real time.

All In Sports

  • Problem

    How do you take an MVP to the next level in a competitive industry while still driving revenue growth in the short term?

  • Solution

    Crafted worked to move the needle on all phases of AllIn - a rebrand, a sophisticated marketing and sales automation system, as well as drastic improvements to the web and native experiences - all while finding product market fit by focusing on the customer first.

USA Football

  • Problem

    How do you create a UX and customer experience focused digital team for an organization that has a massive data footprint and a huge product portfolio?

  • Solution

    The same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Crafted and USA Football have been partners for over 5 years, with Crafted embedded with the USA football, solving problems every single day in an agile environment.

Republic Airways

Statistics Solutions


Crew Carwash


Veritas Realty

Scott Wenclewicz Insurance Group

Garden Table

Boaz Construction

Aegis Worldwide


Distinct Images



Comics Price Guide

Trifecta Wireless

Football Development

CKF of Indiana

NPCA – Discover Precast

People of State

The Big App

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